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Meta Business WhatsApp Integration

Team HUB Solution is keen to improve business perspective more broadly by providing out-of-the-box services to gain maximum output with fewer Human resources. Our system integration with WhatsApp helps to optimize less time and effort to send messages in bulk to multiple contacts. In addition to purifying rapid and accurate response of sharing files and pictures through the HUB CRM Project file module

Key Feature's

File Uploading

It was impossible to maintain your leads up to date Keeping track of files and sharing them was difficult

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Teams Management

Building a successful team is about more than finding an appropriate system to manage the team

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Leads Management

Looking for solutions on how to reach potential customers! You are on the right track

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A super clean, flexible, and fast-loading dashboard keep the upper management .

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Website Integration

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are only as effective as the data

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Social Media Integrations

Social media's influence on society is expanding yearly To stay up with everything

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In order to keep the team lead and other team members up to date during client meetings

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How will you utilize technology to transform your business

Customer behavior on digital platforms is changing as a dynamic real estate industry moves online. Learn more about the industry-leading HUB CRM online solution. Try HUBCRM